• U6 Boys/U8 Boys Baseball Coordinator: Travis Cusack Contact: 403-872-7318 [email protected]
  • U11 Boys Baseball Coach/Coordinator: Chad Kully Contact: 780-201-8259  [email protected]
  • U13 Boys Provincial Baseball Coach/Coordinator: Daryl Naundorf Contact780-614-0552 [email protected]
  • U15 Girls Softball Coach: Dave Pawlyk Contact: 780-913-1327  [email protected]
  • U13 Girls Softball Provincial Ball Coach: Cory Robinson Contact: 780-645-1275  [email protected]
  • U15 Boys Baseball Coach/Coordinator: Justin Blackburn Contact: 780-547-5243 [email protected]
  • U17 Girls Softball Provincial Ball Coach/Coordinator: Daryl Naundorf  Contact: 780-614-0552 [email protected] 
  • Assistant Coach: Corey Demoissac
  • Assistant Coach: Tim Yakiwchuk
  • Manager: Jen Dunlop

Coaching Certification

St.Paul Minor Paul requires some formal coach training, the following minimums are required by Baseball Alberta/Baseball Canada.

  • Download the coaches application
  • Click on the following links below for requirements and details:

Online Coach Education & Training Programs

Initiation Coach Course

Have you really considered the impact and influence you have on your athletes as a youth sports coach? We often measure a team’s success in terms of wins/losses in youth sports, but the immeasurable coach-athlete relationship is arguably equally, if not more important.

“Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be” 



Batting Cage Booking Rules and Expectations

This year we are implementing a new method for scheduling and entering the batting cage. It
will be booked in 30-minute intervals on the SPMB website. There will be a lockbox set up at
the ball shack with a randomly updated code. Code changes will be sent to coaches and
managers Via team snap. Any questions call or text Cory Robinson at 780-645-1275

Batting Cage booking rules and expectations: 

  1. Coaches/Managers must book the cage in order to use it.
  2. Coaches are responsible for setting up & putting away equipment, pitching machines, nets &
  3.  Please be aware of other bookings on the same day. If you’re the first team of the day, unlock
    the cage, lock the key back in the lockbox & set up. If you’re the last team of the day, it is your
    responsibility to put everything away in an organized fashion in the shed, lock up the shed and
    all cage doors.
  4.  Please make sure you have a plan, if you book the cage, you “must” be there to use it. We do
    not want any last-minute cancellations.
  5.  Please use your cage time wisely, be there on time, ready, and do not stay longer than your
    scheduled time slot.
  6.  The cage is there to be used by all teams of all ages. Please do not be greedy with your
    bookings. We want to see all the teams in there practicing.
  7.  Maximum 1hr. Per team per night.
    Let’s all work together as a team of coaches and keep this as organized as possible. If we can
    do this right, the players will benefit more. At the end of the day that is what this is all about.
    If there are any issues please contact: Cory Robinson at 780-645-1275

Code of Conduct