• 9U Storm 1 

Coach: Chris Moser Phone: 780-242-3191 Email:

Manager: Lynoya Mailloux Phone:780-614-4932 Email:

  • 9U Storm 2

Coach:  Andre Van Brabant Phone: 780-614-8988 Email: 

Coach: Tim Sheppard Phone: 780-645-0772 Email:

Manager: Melissa Landiak Phone: 780-614-4234 Email:

Coach: Dean Smyl Phone: 780-614-7147 Email:

  • 9U Storm 3

Coach: Ron Dechaine Phone: 780-645-1270 Email:

Coach: Kurtis Stolth Phone: 780-645-8134 Email:

Manager: Shannon Fullerton Phone: 780-404-4979 Email:

  • 11U Storm Prov. 

Coach: Chad Kully Phone: 780-201-8259 Email:

Manager: Sophie Sundt Phone: 780-646-0846 Email:

Coach: Andrew Looy Phone: 780-614-5183 Email:

Coach: Garth Finlay Phone: 780-897-0306 Email:

Coach: Corwin Robinson Phone: 780-210-3750 Email:

  • 11U Storm 2

Coach: Marc Fontaine  Phone: 780-645-1041 Email:

Manager: Eric Lamoureux Phone: 780-646-0094 Email:

  • 11U Storm 1

Coach: Ryan Potts Phone: 780-210-3633 Email:

Manager: Gisele Langevin Phone: 780-614-1182 Email:

  • 13U Storm

Coach: Trevor Pilipchuk Phone: 780-614-0280 Email:

Manager: Nicole Shepard Phone: 780-645-1573 Email:

  • 13U Prov.

Coach: James Robinson Phone: 780-614-7373 Email:

Manager: Angela Noel Phone: 780-614-8422 Email:

Coach: Jason Sundt Phone: 780-646-0848 Email:

Coach: Glen Hladunewich Phone: 780-210-2635 Email:

Coach: Norm Noel Phone: 780-547-8422 Email:

  • 15U Storm

Coach: Mandi Mahe Phone: 780-614-3892 Email:

Manager: Amanda Lafrance Phone: 780-614-7886 Email:

  • 15U Prov.

Coach: Justin Blackburn Phone: 780-547-5243 Email:

Manager: Jenn Dunlop Phone: 780-614-5769 Email:

Coach: Greg Laramee Phone: 780-201-5056 Email:

  • 18U Storm

Coach: George Onuluk Phone: 780-614-5222 Email:

Coach: Gerald Fontaine Phone: 780-614-4053 Email:

Manager: Melissa Laurie Phone: 780-614-5577 Email:


  • 9U Storm 2

Coach: Dan Reid Phone: 780-645-1646 Email:

Coach: Kyle Desaulniers Phone: 780-646-0544 Email:

Manager: Lee Michaud Phone: 780-614-3563 Email:

  • 9U Storm 1

Coach: Shane Pomerleau Phone: 780-646-0050 Email:

Coach: Tanner Dyer Phone: 780-646-4346 Email:

Manager: Veronica Pomerleau Phone: 780-227-1495 Email:

  • 11U Storm Red

Coach: Alain Mahe Phone: 780-614-7911 Email:

Coach: Grace Fontaine Phone: 780-614-5440 Email:

Manager: Karla Rice Phone: 780-278-7172 Email:

  • 13U Storm Red

Coach: Henry Thomson Phone: 780-646-2340 Email:

Coach: Sarah Thomson Phone: 780-646-0202 Email:

Manager: Jen Malcolmson Phone: 780-645-1471 Email:

  • 15U Storm/Prov

Coach: Cory Robinson Phone: 780-645-1275 Email:

Manager: Karrie Foisy Phone: 780-645-8797 Email:

Coach: Curtis Foisy Phone: 780-645-0181 Email:

Coach: Marc Fontaine Phone: 780-614-5403 Email:

Coach: Kristie Levasseur Phone: 780-614-5443 Email:

Coach: Brent Labrie Phone: 780-826-8419 Email:

  • 17U Prov Red

Coach: Dave Pawlyk  Phone: 780-913-1327 Email:

Manager: Denise Jean Phone: 780-614-5011 Email:

Coach: A.J. Jean Phone: 780-614-1290 Email:

Coach: Brent Sandmeyer Phone: 780-826-8419 Email:

  • 17U Prov White

Coach: Ron Wirsta Phone: 780-645-0215 Email: 

Manager: Ron Wirsta Phone: 780-645-0215 Email:

Coach: Tim Yakichuk Phone: 780-645-9409 Email:

Coach: Corey Demoissac Phone: 780-645-1587 Email:


Coaching Certification

St.Paul Minor Paul requires some formal coach training, the following minimums are required by Baseball Alberta/Baseball Canada.

  • Download the coaches application
  • Click on the following links below for requirements and details:

Online Coach Education & Training Programs

Initiation Coach Course

Have you really considered the impact and influence you have on your athletes as a youth sports coach? We often measure a team’s success in terms of wins/losses in youth sports, but the immeasurable coach-athlete relationship is arguably equally, if not more important.

“Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be” 



Batting Cage Booking Rules and Expectations

This year we are implementing a new method for scheduling and entering the batting cage. It
will be booked in 30-minute intervals on the SPMB website. There will be a lockbox set up at
the ball shack with a randomly updated code. Code changes will be sent to coaches and
managers Via team snap. Any questions call or text Cory Robinson at 780-645-1275

Batting Cage booking rules and expectations: 

  1. Coaches/Managers must book the cage in order to use it.
  2. Coaches are responsible for setting up & putting away equipment, pitching machines, nets &
  3.  Please be aware of other bookings on the same day. If you’re the first team of the day, unlock
    the cage, lock the key back in the lockbox & set up. If you’re the last team of the day, it is your
    responsibility to put everything away in an organized fashion in the shed, lock up the shed and
    all cage doors.
  4.  Please make sure you have a plan, if you book the cage, you “must” be there to use it. We do
    not want any last-minute cancellations.
  5.  Please use your cage time wisely, be there on time, ready, and do not stay longer than your
    scheduled time slot.
  6.  The cage is there to be used by all teams of all ages. Please do not be greedy with your
    bookings. We want to see all the teams in there practicing.
  7.  Maximum 1hr. Per team per night.
    Let’s all work together as a team of coaches and keep this as organized as possible. If we can
    do this right, the players will benefit more. At the end of the day that is what this is all about.
    If there are any issues please contact: Cory Robinson at 780-645-1275

Code of Conduct